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Swim Spa and Combi SpaiN

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You want to make an appointment (even outside our working hours)? It is simple, just fill in the form and the Head of Sales will contact you to confirm the date and hour and you can come. We offer comfortable parking, children´s corner and whirlpool and pool to test even under the open sky.

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Forget about compromises if you do not have to make them. Do you want to do sports and relax? Indulge in fantastic swimming in a pool with subsequent relaxation in the spa. Your body will be pampered and happy.
Combi SpaiN may be linked with any swim spa model.

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Swim Spa

Hydro therapy

The swim spa has a strong controllable counter-current and basic hydrotherapy jets. Inside, you will find handles for various aquatic exercises.

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SwimSpa - HYDROtherapy


The sophisticated functions and very ingenious systems turn our spas into a highly safe, clean and pleasant relaxation spot. All the technologies are serviceable during the entire spa life, which lasts for decades. Rely on us.

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swim spa - TECHNOLOGY


The standard equipment of our spas is unusually broad. It contains absolutely everything you may need to use and operate our spas all year long. We also supply a number of interesting and attractive accessories to make your relaxation even more delightful.

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swim spa - ACCESSORIES

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  • Shell

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  • Cabinet

Technical parameters of Swim Spa and Combi SpaiN

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Swim Spa
Model specification
MassiveShell Construction / color range yes / 2
Seats 2
Loungers 2
iNwave® loungers 2
Counter-current up to 3000 l / min
Special jets
Pillow Jet 1
Hydroterapeutic sets
ShiatsuComplexiN 1
FanComplexiN 1
LegComplexiN 2
XComplexiN 1
Light yes
Other standard equipment
Pillows / color 3 / grey
Cover / color range yes / 8+
Cabinet / design range yes / 2

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