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At first sight you will be able to understand

that quality, precision, honest work and a personalised approach to individual customers have a clear definition with us. A little while spent at our showrooms is all you need to be sure that you are obtaining a top quality spa for your indulgence. And along with it, you are getting reliable servicing and friendship for life. The entire production process is subject to scrupulous monitoring, step by step, in line with the ISO 9001 standard.


You get more than you pay for

We appreciate your investment in the spa. And we appreciate you. You are not just a name or contract number to us. You are the one we provide with advice and who we help to decide which whirlpool is best for you. We also pay attention to pre-installation guidance and to the actual placement of your spa. We turn warranty and post-warranty servicing into friendly help and partnership. We are here for you; you can rely on us.

We think environmentally

With our design, you are buying prestige and art. But, it is not just the fancy package that makes a unique whirlpool. The functions and technology are equally important. We respond to your requirements and meet your wishes. Our progression and our spas are a direct response to your expectations. And on top of everything, we think of low consumption and the environment. This is attested to by our certification according to ISO 14001.

Contact point for environmental management:

Tomáš Marek, DiS.
Phone: +420 465 543 114

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For every place and situation

A busy lifestyle brings about the need for rest. Major sporting performances or regular active movement need to be balanced with efficient relaxation. Our spas are here for all situations, places and methods of use. Our spa offer is as complex as is the range of possible accessories for undisturbed enjoyment and atmosphere is broad.

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We put a great deal of effort into making our catalogues. They will introduce you to the world of our spas and pools and allow you to get to know their properties for a more informed choice of your new spa. For even greater and more beautiful inspiration, we create a separate Gallery catalogue with examples from international installations. Finally, we have prepared this website, which brings you information not only about the products, but also about USSPA's current events. The website enables you to order accessories or the required water treatment chemicals online. More over, we believe that through this website, you will be able to capture some of the charm and atmosphere of our work.

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Visit our showrooms and see what beautiful and high-quality spas we make. We are a Czech company with a tradition and we lay our hands on every piece of every product we make for you. At first touch you will understand what makes us different from the others. We invite you to try out the relaxation and the effects the spas produces by trying out selected models. You may also arrange a visit outside regular opening hours. We meet your needs. Because our customers are always fascinated, we are happy to introduce the creators of our showrooms



Welcome to the USSPA Club

and join a club of successful and proud spa owners. You will automatically become a member once you purchase a USSPA spa or swim spa. You will be treated with care and hospitality in the form of invitations for events we organise for you and your family. You will regularly receive the 'Bublinky' lifestyle magazine, into the making of which we put as much effort as we do into making our products. You deserve it.

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To select the right spa or swim spa requires some evaluation. Order our catalogues, where you will find all needed information about the new companion for your whole life.

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