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Through our products, you can see the heart and real respectable work. We create better world. In today hectic and demanding world, our spas and pools help harmonisation and compensation of the demanding life style. We are not mass production, we do not produce our whirlpools as serial products. We chose the path of individual approach and made -to-order production. Our customers are personalities and we create our spas for them, to comply with high demands on technologies, design and comfort. Each our product is thought-through and reflects the extensive experience we have. You will see the difference immediately.


Shapes, colours, technologies, jet positions, ergonomics, number and position of bucket seats in your spa... These are all just parts of the equation, which must result in satisfaction, a sense of release, relaxation and healing. It is no accident that the design of our spas excels. Every element has its justification and its importance. We know how to achieve perfection. An experienced team and years of experience are a strong argument.

You will understand as soon as you visit one of our showrooms for the first time...

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Usspa Design


The way ahead that never ends. Priorities of our clients change and their requirements get ever more stringent. It is a natural response to the modern times, the lifestyle, possibilities and opportunities brought by life. People want more and that's the way it is supposed to be. Increased health and relaxation requirements are well-justified. Therefore, we develop ever newer components of our pools and spas, improving and innovating the technologies. We fulfil your wishes.

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Turning words intoaction

During its long existence, the company has installed a number of spas and swim spas. Every interior or exterior represents a unique oasis of relaxation. Get inspired by the selected installations completed in the Czech Republic and all around Europe.

USSPA gallery

USSPA gallery

premium services

Your investment in a spa or swim spa constitutes an important decision. Often a decision for life. Bearing that in mind, we appreciate your choice greatly and offer a lot more than the mere warranty and servicing. What our competitors believe is the maximum to offer, is just a start to us. With USSPA spas you are purchasing above-standard care.

USSPA services

USSPA premium services

European producer

We are a Czech family business without any foreign participation and proud of it. Our products make a good name for themselves both in this country and abroad. We realise the commitments that come with it and therefore supply the highest-quality spas and superior services.

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Beauty thatworks

The organism of our spa contains top-notch technology. This turns our whirlpools and pools into exclusive products. Every line, from the basic and affordable whirlpools up to the luxurious ones, is firmy embedded in the technology, for which we provide our guarantees. Every jet and every element has its place and its mission. The result is a valuable and quality massage applied to your entire body. We know the magic of relaxation.

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USSPA - Beauty that works

Success suits us

Professionals regularly appreciate our products. We appreciate our successes; they bring us joy. We believe the awards confirm we are very good at what we do.

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Award - piscine 2010

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To select the right spa or swim spa requires some evaluation. Order our catalogues, where you will find all needed information about the new companion for your whole life.

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