We entrust design to professionals. We have been developing our own designer workshop since 1998. The head of the workshop is none other than the academic sculptor Petr Slanina. In 2002, our company was officially presented as the first and only manufacturer of massage pools in the Czech Republic. We build our own designs and are a purely Czech producer. Comparing our achievements with those of our direct competitors is a challenge we are happy to accept. We believe in ourselves and our products.

We are also open to cooperation with other Czech designers. Molo Architekti, along with MgA. Jaroslav Chramosta are the originators of the shell design for the revolutionary Solitaire spa.

Filip Streit and Ivan Dlabač from the Divan Design were the minds at work behind the new Divan spa for commercial use with the unique functional Kompakt shell system.

Designers Petr Slanina (USSPA) and Filip Streit (Divan Design) together formed a unique design of the new generation of private spas USSPA, of which was the first model LyraiN awarded the prestigious international design prize RED DOT 2016. Together they set a new direction and shifted the technological options.



DesignUSSPA | privat

The modern and timeless appearance of the new generation of USSPA | privat spas holds unexpected possibilities. The clean lines of the new design were achieved only thanks to our experience and perfect control of the production technology. New spas have all significant, time proven and by users appreciated assets from the first generation spas. Each of the recognized functions is now upgraded and brought to perfection.

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DesignUSSPA | swim

The design of USSPA | swim models follows the modern trends. Clear lines of elegant shapes include practical functions. Perfectly mastered production technologies enable us to fully utilize the assets of materials applied. The result is the thermal pools with flawlessly functional spacious interior.

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DesignUSSPA | profi

Spa should be exceptional, identically to the whole wellness. Attractive design of all USSPA | profi models will distinguish your facility. Design of our spas is smart and functional in all aspects. Ergonomically shaped acrylic shells offer the user comfort, which cannot be provided in any stainless, concrete, tile spas or other spas.

Clean elegant lines also unite functions with comfort, and efficient operation with maximum performance. In case of the spa Master, the accurately shaped seats guarantee to preserve each user their intimate zone. Antislip bottom and steps, along with stainless steel handrails provide safe and comfortable movement in the spa.Every detail is considered.

Meet Petr Slanina...

Design is a connection, actually a maximum fusion of the function and aesthetical aspect of the product designed. My job is to provide the function with a shape, find a form to open up the enjoyment and to multiply the benefit.Good design especially in case of spa is the one that combines visual and user level, and I believe we have achieved the goal.

The academic sculptor Petr Slanina graduated from SUPŠ Uherské Hradiště and VŠUP Zlín. He has been cooperating with us ever since the specially shaped Mini Spa bathroom tub project, where the unique design was patented. He has been our full time employee since 1998. In his work, he also draws on his rich previous experience obtained at home and abroad. His style is characterised by pure lines and flawless functionality.

Petr Slanina

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