Dolní Dobrouč

The showroom is located at the company headquarters, i.e. directly in the production plant where the luxurious spas are not only made, but also conceived, developed and created. The building's intriguing interior elements originating from the early 20th century provide the entire showroom with a unique atmosphere. You may also check out the world-unique Solitaire spa in its original Plato shell made from exclusive black tartan combined with large-format concrete slabs with optical fibres.

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This showroom will take your breath away with its architecture alone, let alone the actual designer exposition full of inspiration for your private relaxation oasis. Its main advantage is its accessibility. The landscaped garden just adds to the serenity of the place. Only a couple of minutes' drive from the busy centre of Prague, the showroom is a world of calmness and serenity.

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The showroom will enchant you with its atmosphere of a world of pleasures and practical luxury. It provides a modern interior in timeless design with an open interior atrium. The Solitaire spa is also assigned its private space here, this time with a Plato shell made out of natural wood and solid worked sandstone.

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