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Spas and pools

Luxurious private spas

Timeless design merging elegant lines, comprehensive hydrotherapy and lavish comfort. Top quality and efficient operation will turn your everyday relaxation into delight. The USSPA | privat product series is the best you can get. If you desire perfection, maximum technological equipment and if you have sophisticated tastes, USSPA | privat are exactly what you are looking for.
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privat spa

Counter-current swim spas

Generous space, pleasant water temperature and an opportunity to swim outdoors all year long. And on top of that, surprisingly low energy intensity and undemanding maintenance. Gradual access to the pool and sophisticated jet configuration for basic hydrotherapy. Controllable counter-current, slip floor covering and handles for aquatic exercise. Ideal for your lifestyle and fitness.
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swim spa

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Commercial operations

Exceptional whirlpools for various public operations. The outstanding technology ready for heavy-duty operations is tailored to each specific type of operation. This line's products comply with all the applicable standards for operation and water cleanness and comply with the demanding sanitary requirements. Spas for commercial use are technologically different from those for home use. We provide a professional solution.
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profi spa

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Solitaire by USSPA

The spa of the future

For those who expect more from their spa, who crave originality and uniqueness, USSPA has developed the world-unique Solitaire spa, which is truly ahead of its time with its design, technologies and personalisation options.

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Spa for your home

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