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For those with sophisticated tastes, who require the best. Sophisticated design created by sculptor Petr Slanina and designer Filip Streit (Divan Design), elegance and full respect for ergonomics awarded with Red Dot 2016, the prestigious international design award. Comprehensive hydrotherapy and reliable USSPA technologies. All this subservient to one aim: your comfort and relaxation.
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Generous space and the maximum number of therapeutic positions. Relaxation and therapy for up to seven people. Is your family large? Do you like relaxing with your friends? ColumbaiN is exactly what you need for your ideal lifestyle. It needs space. If you have no space restrictions, ColumbaiN is right for you. Your investment will pay off the moment you sink into it. ColumbaiN knows how to pamper you.

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Round platform and ergonomically shaped interior. World-unique design Four bucket seats and even a lounger instead of conventional benches. Perfect use of space. Do you have small children? Orion caters for the comfort and relaxation of all. The Volcano Jet hydrotherapy set will take your breath away.

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Brand new model with extraordinary interior design. Partner arrangement of loungers is predetermined for lovely relaxing moments in two. Yet VirgoiN provides enough space for the entire family. Besides the two loungers, it further offers a popular deep seat in two versions and with two different massage sets; bench with XComplexiN massage and ideally designed place for massaging the front part of the thighs that you will appreciate not only after your favorite jogging. Up to five people can rest or just enjoy a good time in this generous size spa. VirgoiN is an ideal family spa.

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Design ideal for installation in the corner of a room or terrace. Sophisticated ergonomics and sufficient comfort for up to five family members or friends. TaurusiN lives up to its name. Quality, reliability and a feeling as if being watched over by a sentinel while relaxing and enjoying yourself with the family. The interior arrangement is absolutely enchanting. The two loungers and the unique front thigh massage will convince you TaurusiN is the right spa for you.

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Thanks to its dimensions the spa may be fitted just about anywhere. But do not be misled, the spa is far from small. The spa ideally provides enough space for a family of four. But it may comfortably seat five people just as well. Get nursed in the deep Shiatsu seat and discover the beneficial effects of the massaging jets.

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Generous space for two people. An effective response to a busy lifestyle and a desire for rest. Turkish massage to relax your body and mind after a busy day. Popular loungers plus an extra spare place.
DracoiN is therefore an ideal choice for smaller families of three.

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You will like LyraiN. Are you single? Do you live as a couple? Indulge in rest and relaxation in a small, but surprisingly spacious spa. Two different loungers ready to meet your wishes. Indulge in perfect relaxation every day. Alone, in a couple…
LyraiN has won the prestigious international design award RED DOT 2016.

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Medium size spa with sufficient space for everyday moments of the family relaxation. Aston provides four various positions with sets of stainless steel jets for complex massage. The intensity can be continually regulated by central control of the TurboBoost system. The elaborated design includes safety details such as shaped handrails and anti-slip floor surface.

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Noel is recognized for its clean lines and simply efficient interior.The layout of water and air massage jets leaves space even for your fantasy in searching for new massage positions.The jets fitted in the spiral provide the full back massage; you just simply move around the bench.

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Benjamin of USSPA | privat series is the smallest of all models. It creates an intimate environment for a couple relaxing together. Comfortable pillows contribute to general rejuvenation. We have also counted with places to hold a glass so do not forget to bring your favourite drink along to the spa.

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