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Benjamin of USSPA | privat series is the smallest of all models. It creates an intimate environment for a couple relaxing together. Comfortable pillows contribute to general rejuvenation. We have also counted with places to hold a glass so do not forget to bring your favourite drink along to the spa.

Universum Spa


The standard equipment of our spas is unusually broad. It contains absolutely everything you may need to use and operate our spas all year long. We also supply a number of interesting and attractive accessories to make your relaxation even more delightful.

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Hydro therapy

Jet assemblies for a complex body massage. Each bucket seat and lounger inside the USSPA | privat line models focuses on a specific part of your body. It is not before you take all of them that your body undergoes a comprehensive massage.

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complex body massage


The sophisticated functions and very ingenious systems turn our spas into a highly safe, clean and pleasant relaxation spot. All the technologies are serviceable during the entire spa life, which lasts for decades. Rely on us.

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Technical parameters of Benjamin

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Universum Spa
Model specification
Shell size 155 × 200 × 76 cm
Cabinet size 161 × 206 × 81 cm
Water volume 600 l
Dry weight 270 kg
Filled weight 870 kg
MassiveShell Construction / color range yes / 11+
Total seating 3
Seats 2
Loungers 1
Total number of jets 24
Water jets 14
Air Jets 10
TurboBoost system Central
Boost ControliN regulation 1
Hydroterapeutic sets
Application control accessories for extra charge
Y series electropack yes
Control panel with display yes
Pump 1 / dual speed 1,5 / 0,37 kW + 3 HP
Air blower 1,2 kW
Pressure Clean filtration yes
OzonePure ozonator yes
Heater 2 kW
NordicSuperioriN protection system yes
ThermoguardiN insulation yes
Rainbow Light yes
Other standard equipment
Handrail 2x
Pillows / color 2 / grey
Cover / color range yes / 8+
Cabinet / design range yes / 3+
Protective cabinet bottom - Pan yes

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