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We are unique and so are our spas. USSPA is a family business and the management duties are passed from generation to generation, from father to daughter. The values we insist upon therefore do not change. We are a purely Czech producer of whirlpools and a pioneer in hydrotherapy. High-standard and top-quality services are of paramount importance to us.

A single visit to us is all you need to discover that we live up to the expectations produced by these words. We will be happy to see you.


USSPA - Czech producer of whirlpools

European producer

We are a Czech family business without any foreign participation and proud of it. Our products make a good name for themselves both in this country and abroad. We realise the commitments that come with it and therefore supply the highest-quality spas and superior services.

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We operate differently. We take our values and visions seriously. USSPA products bear our signature and you will instantly understand what we mean when you see them. We stand by our words. We turn words into action. The high quality of the production process is confirmed by ISO certification.

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Meet the people who know our products. We are happy to see them pleased; their satisfaction is what binds us and drives us forward. USSPA is equally appreciated by well known and successful sportsmen and sportswomen, and patients, who are helped by the water in our whirlpools and spas.

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We cooperate with the best. In order for us to achieve perfection in what we do, we use the skills and faultless approaches of our partners. Our mutual cooperation has been tested in practice and is successful in the long term. We are honoured to introduce them to you.

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There is always something going on. Get updates on new products, news and invitations. We keep you posted on major events not only at our company. We make sure you get all the information you are interested in.

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We regularly issue press releases. The purpose is to present new products as well as report on any important events in our sector. Download photos from our photo stock. Contact us.


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The outstanding reputation of our spas has crossed borders. We are active and successful abroad. Here is some more information on the presence of our company elsewhere in the world.


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USSPA contact and invoicing information. Do not hesitate to contact us with any request, comment or question. We will respond as soon as possible.

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To select the right spa or swim spa requires some evaluation. Order our catalogues, where you will find all needed information about the new companion for your whole life.

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