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We are a leading and the first Czech producer of acrylate massage pools. We are currently one of the most successful and leading European producers. We have been successfully maintaining our leading position in the market for massage pools especially owing to our high quality production, innovative design and professional skills. We also successfully develop our export activities and our own development and designer workshop.

We are an exceptional TEAM!

The background and atmosphere inside the company always manifest themselves even in the eyes of outsiders. Come and visit our showrooms to see that at USSPA we put our hearts and personal effort into our work. We stand by our products. We know them to their last detail, from design to installation. Every pool and every whirlpool go through our hands. Behind every product, we see the customer it is intended for.

Are you looking for inspiration? We will take care of you in our showrooms without committing you to anything. We know how to advise you and help you find the most adequate solution. You will get to know us in person and will instantly see what makes us special.


USSPA Quality products

Creating from the heart

We are a family operation, an exclusively Czech producer. We have been in the market since 1995. Our values and visions were passed from father to daughter and we persist in pursuing our original idea: to bring high-quality products and above-standard services to you. Each of our clients becomes an equal partner to us. We build on the trust created between us and our clients. Our relationship is far from finished with the sale of a spa or a pool.

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To select the right spa or swim spa requires some evaluation. Order our catalogues, where you will find all needed information about the new companion for your whole life.

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