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Investment into quality USSPA spa or pool leaves you with a top product and enables you to become one of the successful ones. It is a great pleasure for us to welcome each and every owner of our product into the USSPA Club. We organise events and pleasant meetings for the members and their families. Once a year, we also prepare life-style magazine for them called "Bubbles-Bublinky", which offers, besides others, interesting information from USSPA backstage. You can use the "Bubbles" also as source of life style and useful advice.

You acquire more by purchase of our product, spa or swim spa. Our job does not end with spa installation. Find it out yourselves.

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to regular annual events. USSPA The SRANDA CUP is a pleasant opportunity not only for sport but also for meeting people, enjoying yourselves and trying out new products.

Please write to us at the following email: and be among the first ones to receive invitations for our events.

We look forward to meeting you.

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Welcome. To enter the Client Zone, please log in. If you experience difficulties logging in, please contact us on the following email: or on the phone +420 465 543 114.

Shop easily online. All the accessories required for creating an even better atmosphere are available on our customer website. The website may also be used to purchase the chemical products necessary to maintain your spa or Swim Spa. Finally, it contains all manuals in a downloadable format.

Our work is only worth it if you are satisfied.

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Your investment in a spa or swim spa constitutes an important decision. Often a decision for life. Bearing that in mind, we appreciate your choice greatly and offer a lot more than the mere warranty and servicing. What our competitors believe is the maximum to offer, is just a start to us. With USSPA spas you are purchasing above-standard care.

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To select the right spa or swim spa requires some evaluation. Order our catalogues, where you will find all needed information about the new companion for your whole life.

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