USSPA Premium Services


Our products are exceptional. This includes exceptional services and care. With USSPA they go without saying.

Before you fit your spa into the right place, we will provide you with meticulous pre-installation guidance. We are also ready to advise you about the correct building readiness. We will transport, install and commission your spa. These services, including consultation, are provided free of charge.


For technical pre-installation guidance:
Milan Pokorný
Production / Sales Manager
tel.: 605 280 050

For servicing and servicing guidance:
Ladislav Kubíček
Head of Servicing
tel.: 603 225 991

Ongoing care

With your spa, you get warranty servicing within 48 hours. And we will remain close to you even after your warranty expires.

Our post-warranty servicing mainly includes

  • user support
  • services during weekends and holidays
  • regular preventive service inspections

Special services, provided:

  • assistance while moving your spa
  • custom spa refurbishment and renovation

Products and documentation for your satisfaction:

  • comprehensive range of proven chemical products and accessories
  • extended warranty with a bonus
  • all documentation including manuals and building preparedness documents
  • customer magazine with information not only on new products
  • customer portal with important information, contacts, user tips
  • e-shop

More than you expect

With our product, you are buying an unparalleled level and line of services. Servicing of our products is both professional and expedient. You will never have to worry about having to wait for spare parts. We know how important your spa is to you.

Each of our technicians has gone through the entire production process and keeps abreast of new developments. They know every spa and every pool down to the last detail. They know just exactly what needs to be done. We have our own warehouses packed with spare parts; and we operate well-equipped "emergency" vehicles. Whenever a problem arises, we are ready to address it quickly and willingly.

We keep a detailed track of information for each spa. Only in this way can our servicing activity be truly comprehensive. Only in this way can we ensure reliability and professionalism. And that is where we are different.

It is taken for granted that any servicing activity is subject to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

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Shop easily online. All the accessories required for creating an even better atmosphere are available on our customer website. The website may also be used to purchase the chemical products necessary to maintain your spa or Swim Spa. Finally, it contains all manuals in a downloadable format.

Our work is only worth it if you are satisfied.

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