Complex body massage

Shiatsu complexiN

The Shiatsu point massage consists of a system of direct jets applying pressure to shiatsu spots in the yang meridian area (meridians are channels through which energy flows through the body according to traditional Eastern medicine). In essence, this involves applying symmetrical pressure where energy is dispersed from the areas where it is in excess and and supplied to places where there is a lack of it. The purpose of the massage is to balance the right and left sides, restore equilibrium, harmony and health.

ShiatsuComplex iN

Hamam complexiN

Traditional Hammams, or Turkish baths should always have 3 goals - relaxation, refreshment and health enhancement. Our HamamComplexiN assembly simulates a Turkish back massage thus creating a feeling of new energy and lightness flowing in.

HammamComplex iN

Fan complexiN

The fan-like massage of the major back muscle parts uses one of the traditional massaging techniques - rubbing with a fan. This involves a relaxing massage achieved through circular motion, which, in our spas, is performed by an assembly of rotary jets.

FanComplex iN

X ComplexiN

The point massage of jets located in a cross shape affects the lower back area which is the most loaded part of the back.It loosens the muscle parts in the area of lower limbs and torso connection, important for correct body posture.

XComplex iN

Leg complexiN

A combination of direct point jet doublets allows massaging the buttocks, via the calves down to the soles of the feet. Stimulating reflexive points on the soles of the feet further has relaxing effects on the entire body.

LegComplex iN

Front ComplexiN

Whereas all the other spas in the market focus on the back parts of the body, USSPA | privat are the first to also treat the strained frontal muscle groups. Thigh muscles are subject to considerable strain on a daily basis, not only during sport. The unique space provided by the larger USSPA | privat enables deep massage of the front of the thigh.

FrontComplex iN

Special jets

  • Extreme Jet: a large jet with its own control, which generates a strong current swirling the water in the entire spa.
  • Pillow Jet: an under-the-pillow jet with its own control, for cervical spine massage.
  • Volcano Jet: not only is a geyser of water a fantastic attraction, it also represents an original massage current.

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