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We have put all the strength of water in our spas. We have given it a shape and maximised its beneficial effects. How does hydrotherapy work and how can it help you? Water lift and flow. That is what it is all about. Your soak in wonderful warm water combined with focused water massage flows. The amiable water temperature ranging between 37 and 39°C and the senseof weightlessness are integral parts of the therapy. The result is long-termblood circulation and relaxation. Hydrotherapy completes and sometimes even entirely replacestraditional treatment methods.

Discover its magic on your own. Dip into our spas. And leave the rest to us...

The magic of hydrotherapy

Spa hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy USSPA | privat

Comprehensive body massage. The best hydrotherapy has to offer USSPA | privat include the maximum quantity of hydrotherapy jet configurations, which have a beneficial effect on your body. The jet arrangement for specific models is designed in such a way that trying all the spa positions will result in a comprehensive massage of the entire body. In addition to hydrotherapy configurations, USSPA | privat also include three special jets. The unique front thigh massage option is taken for granted.

USSPA | privat hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy - Universum Spa

Hydrotherapy USSPA | swim

In perfect shape. A swimming pool with a strong counter-current and basic hydrotherapy jets. Inside, you will find handles for various aquatic exercises. For the USSPA | swim , the W-flow counter-current system consists of six Swim Jet jets evenly distributed across the entire swim spa. It is continuously adjustable and it is only up to you how many jets you will leave on. You may select the current intensity yourself. Each jet may moreover be set in any direction. The three powerful pumps will create a "strong" river flow in your swim spa.

USSPA | swim hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy - Swim Spa

Hydrotherapy USSPA | profi

Hydrotherapy in our spas for commercial operations . All models are equipped with both air and water massage. This line's models comply with the valid legal regulations applicable to public operations. For commercial spas, the emphasis is on the technological equipment. The hydrotherapy systems do not tend to be addressed in such detail, yet our spa will allow a pleasant massage of the entire body, not even leaving the soles of the feet out. The one exception is the Master spa, unrivalled in its comprehensive body massage using sophisticated water and air jet configurations. It provides three pairs of different bucket seats differing in shape and equipment.

The jet configurations above only apply to the Master spa.

USSPA | profi hydrotherapy

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