functional design

The designer system of boxes creating the stylish enclosure of the commercial Divan spa addresses the space restrictions faced by existing hotels, guest houses and various wellness operations, where the wellness centres set up do not provide ample space for the technology to be installed in an independent adjacent room as is traditionally the case, and where the spa cannot be embedded in the floor.

The sophisticated boxes accommodate the technology and the step parts also serve the function of facilitating comfortable use. The result is an original comprehensive solution which allows high configuration variability and countless different variants tailored to each specific operation.

functional design

technical details

minimum spatial dimensions: 5,500 x 5,500 mm
shell dimensions: 3,900 mm x 4,200 mm x 1,060 mm

The given dimensions apply to the Kompakt enclosure assembly so that all the technological equipment could be fit in the segment without the need for any extra space.

Optional Kompakt enclosure segments:

- straight part
- corner part
- straight step part
- corner step part
- straight part extension (totem)

Available only for: Divan models

Kompakt enclosure

kompakt enclosureexemplified

For full circumferential shells, e.g. with segments: 3 straight parts, 1 straight step part, 4 corner parts, and minimum overall space of 5,500 x 5,500 mm, the entire filtration technology including the reservoir tanks may be inserted in the segments listed above.

If the spa with the Kompakt enclosure is placed next to a wall, in a corner of a room, or if only a part of the segments are used, separate space must be created for the filtration technology.

Kompakt enclosure assembly for the Divan, spa is always tailored to the operation's spatial possibilities.

kompakt enclosureexemplified

Kompakt enclosure

Kompakt enclosure


Czech Cooperation The compact commercial Divan spa and the unique Kompakt enclosure box design have been created under a cooperation of the leading Czech spa manufacturer, USSPA, and a leading Czech industrial design studio DIVAN DESIGN.


Right from the start, we regarded USSPA as a very interesting manufacturer, of which there are not many in our market. The company stood out with its approach to design, with its willingness to invest in it and with the honesty with which it approaches its work. We were convinced that they could benefit from cooperation with us. says Filip Streit.

Mg.A. Filip Streit

Graduated from University with Michal Froňek and Jan Němeček as his tutors. His work is characterised by outstanding technical and creative thinking;he succeeds in finding new paths and his potential lies in creating smart design. He focuses on details.

M.A. Ivan Dlabač

Created a number of installations, from which he obtained experience in industrial and product design. He has extensive technological and technical knowledge which he applies while leading a team of professionals in various fields of design and marketing. Currently, he manages an industrial design studio at the University of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and Department of Design in Zlín.


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