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Whatever we do is subservient to our one goal - the satisfaction of our customers. We do not rely on others and actively look for ways to improve and innovate. We listen to our customers; their wishes are the strongest motivation in our further development endeavours. Our aim is to produce highly functional products that operate efficiently with low power consumption. Our spas are modern and at the forefront of the current technologies in the field. Using continuous innovation, we push our products, the company and the entire sector forward.

In many respects, we are pioneers. We set the trends and pace.

Do you need further evidence? We have it ready for you. For example, we were the first in the world to:

  • change the concept of the display function in spa and to include an independent display with new functions directly inside the spa (iNvision® display)
  • introduce the option of outdoor temperature display
  • develop the electropack with smart control system enabling new self-diagnostic functions (iNtellismart®, ISM®)
  • develop a smart cleaning system, automatically controlled based on the operation analysis (ICM®)
  • conceive and create the revolutionary automatic ACS® cover for swim spa and Solitaire, which can be set in operation with the mere push of a button
  • come up with a mechanical lift for the swim spa thermal cover thus dramatically reducing its handling
  • combine acrylate and Corian to create inset sliding seats for maximum occupancy of the internal space and seat adaptation to people of various statures
  • use a large touch screen with tailored graphics to control the spa along with a control system which includes integrated manuals, etc.
  • develop a smart spa control system
  • come up with a concept of an additional spa to the swim spa
  • create a round spa with ergonomic interior division instead of plain benches, and even fit a popular lounger in a round spa
  • fit the spa with a massage set concentrating on the strained frontal thigh parts
  • create a commercial whirlpool with integrated overflow channels, which enable the use of the thermal cover and reduce operating costs
  • use new patterns and materials for thermal covers instead of artificial leather used by just about every other manufacturer thus dramatically enhancing the possibility of integrating the building's architecture into the spa (elegant fabrics, even metal sheets...)
  • use Thermowood for the cabinet, a maintenance-free natural material
  • design and manufacture a cabinet with an original suspension system for accessories

We hold several patents. Honestly, others may emulate or copy our products practically anywhere, not only in China. Our service, quality, warranties and customer orientation however are unique.

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