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The car, bought by the money successfully withdrawn during the charity auction at the traditional USSPA golf tournament, was officially handed over to the mother of the sick Terezka.

Czech family-owned company USSPA decided to help another family that fights with adversity of fate. During the charity auction, there were 345 100 CZK collected for the fourteen years old girl suffering from serious disease of the digestive tract, who is after complications during the medical treatment significantly physically limited. This amount of the money was meant for the purchase of a car, in order to facilitate Tereska´s transport to medical examination and to special school.

On Thursday the 8th there was the ceremonial handing of new Škoda Fabia Combi. This pleasant moment was prepared also as the thanks to the most generous, who helped by their generosity to get this amazing sum of money. In addition, the present auctioneers had a rare opportunity to see how their money really helped.

The founder of the Kapka naděje foundation, Vendula Pizingerová,was also present at the event. The USSPA charity auction was held under the formal patronage of the foundation. The event was held in restaurant La Gare. The festive character of the evening underscored the exceptional Champagne Wine provided by the partner company PMP Exclusive.

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