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Here it is! Starting April 1st, you can see and test the new generation of the unique private spas. We bring you fundamental innovations of design and technology. Design of the essentially innovative spa collection was created in collaboration of the USSPA`s own designer Petr Slanina and designer Filip Streit from Divan Design studio. It is characteristic by extraordinary and distinguishable minimalist look, clear lines and effectively ergonomic shapes, all absolutely unique in the industry.

New spas are more comfortable

The unique shape of the lounger iNwave® is the part of the principal innovation, one of its kind worldwide. It offers unusual variability of use, comfort and hydrotherapy options.

New spas are smart

The new iNtellismart® electropack developed by USSPA brings an unique intelligent system of control, which automatically controls spa operation on the base of continuous self-analysis and evaluations. The main innovation is supplemented by the new iNvision® display, which totally changes the perspective of information displaying in the spa.

Czech family-owned company USSPA presents new generation of spas on the occasion of 20th anniversary of its establishment. “We have used our experience and inspiration of trends from different industries and developed modern device, representing a shift for the spa industry. We put a major emphasis on a long life and easy serviceability of the final products. The result is more elegant, especially more comfortable, more sophisticated and more user-friendly spa withal”, says Kateřina Kadlecová, CEO of the company.

Enjoy the new dimension of relaxation!

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