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Here it comes! New generation of private spas is growing up by completely new model family spa VirgoiN.

Spa VirgoiN is based on a new generation of private spas, which were introduced on the market on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the company USSPA in spring 2015. It is equipped with all the unique technologies. You will most enjoy pleasant relaxation in a unique partner loungers that allow relaxation of two people in close contact next to each other. This spa offers favorite deep seat in two versions with two different massage sets, bench with XComplexiN massage, which focuses on the lumbar area of the spine. The ideally solved place for massage of the front part of thighs is not missing, as the typical part of spa by USSPA.

News for the year 2016, the family spa VirgoiN, is to be found in the showrooms in Prague, Brno and Dolní Dobrouč. You can also come to enjoy the official premier on the selective exhibition of design and fashionDesignblokfrom 22nd to 27th of October 2015 (Superstudio Expozition P02).

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