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This year's golf and tennis USSPA tournament was held in traditionally pleasant weather and a great atmosphere.

Terezka is suffering by difficult unknown disease of the digestive tract and is reliant on infusions. Due to the presence of a central catheter and significant momentum failure as a result of neurological disability, it is very complicated for her mother to take Terezka regularly to doctors or to the special school. The State's financial contribution to the purchase of the car, however, was not granted to them. Our goal was done clear then.

We did it! In total we have gained 345 100,-CZK, which will be used for the purchase of a car.

“Deep from our heart we would like to thank all who helped us to at least retrieve a bit the complicated life situation of Terezka. We appreciate your generosity and empathy, we couldn´t wish for a greater gift to our company on the 20th Anniversary. We strongly believe that Tereza would not only have an easier transportation to the doctors, but also to the trips to a completely ordinary joy.” Kateřina and Jan Kadlecovi, USSPA

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