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USSPA supports young architects

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USSPA supports young architects

The ceremony of the students’ competition winners’ announcement accompanied with the varnishing day took place on 24 May, 2010. The competition was announced by the Bydlení IQ portal in January 2010. The theme was the architecture students’ point of view on the living matters.

The unique space of the Wines Home building in Prague emphasized exceptional atmosphere of the architecture spirit. The members of jury personally introduced and commented the work of all 20 finalists. The jury was choosing from 131 received works which means high interest from the future architects and also a great success for the first year of the competition.

USSPA became one of the two official partners. "It is a  natural connection for us," explains Ing. Kateřina Kadlecová, co-owner and marketing manager, and she continues: "We ourselves cooperate with prominent architects and designers on our projects. We know very well that a harmony between aesthetics and useful functions is not easy and in the field of architecture it is even not appreciated well socially yet. That is why it was a pleasure for us to support the competition.

"The biggest word of thanks belongs honestly to Ing. arch. Věra Konečná who set up the competition, prepared it and organized it all. Moreover she managed to get on the prominent Czech architects who joined the jury and thus accented the high level of the competition.

Petra Krobotová, student of FSV ČVUT Prague / Erasmus, Gotebord, Sweden was pronounced as the absolute winner with her project "Norra Guldheden, low-cost living". USSPA congratulates to all honored students and wishes a lot of energy, inspiration and success to all participants.

The exhibition of the students’ works takes place in the Wines Ho me until 20 June, 2010

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