Technical accessories

Dosing automatics via internet

The supplied automatic dosing of pH and disinfection can be completed with the option of remote control via internet. It is possible to remotely monitor the water quality and also change the automatics settings. At the same time the operator is informed on potential error states of the dosing automatics.

Flocculant dosing automatics

Water treatment technology can be completed with dosing of flocculating agent. It is used for the flocculation of mechanical contaminants in the spa water so it can be easily trapped in the filter afterwards.

Alternative heating options

Water heating in commercial spas is done with a standard electrical heater with titanium spiral, and it can also be completed with several other methods:
- fitting the full-titanium heater
- replacing the electrical heater with heat exchanger
- combination of the standard electrical heatering and heat exchanger. iNtellismart® control system manages the automatic control of combined operation of both heating methods in order to ensure maximum efficiency of heating.

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