Water care

Starter kit

Starter kit for first use in your spa. It contains all the important products suitable for basic water management.

The kit includes:
25 test papers, Chlorine Granules – 1,2 kg, Non-Chlorine Shock Powder – 1.2 kg, pH Increaser – 1,2 kg, pH Reducer – 2 kg, Spa Cleaner – 1 l, Sparkling Water 3 IN 1 – 1 l

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hth spa starter kit

Chemical products

They are used as subsequent water management. They draw upon the Starter kit, which is applied at the onset of operation of your spa or swim spa. Our offer contains countless chemical products to address your specific needs depending on the type of deposits or water patterns.

All of these first-class chemical products may be purchased in the Client Zone on our website.

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hth spa - Chemical product

Additional tools

You will appreciate them while removing the impurities deposited on the bottom of your spa or swim spa. They will reliably clear the small heavy particles on the bottom, preventing them from making it to the filter. Mechanical vacuum cleaners, filter cartridges or special sponges. Visit our Client Zone and choose the right product.

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Mechanical vacuum cleaner

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