How to choose SPA

Colours and design

We have a solution for everyone, exteriors and interiors. A wide range of shapes and colour designs of the shells, covers and cabinets will adjust to both the shape of the room or terrace and the colours of the surroundings or that of the wall tiles. We are ready to meet your architect or interior designer any time to cooperate on the design of the most appropriate colour or material combinations.

Spa Colours and design

Sufficient space for relaxation

It goes without saying, the bigger the spa, the better. If you have enough space, dedicate it to a spa. You will not regret it. A higher number of various positions allows a more complex massage and higher-quality relaxation. It is recommended that you choose and change your position in the spa. This multiplies the beneficial effects of your stay in the spa. Each body part deserves to be pampered.

Do you want to make your family's dream come true? Then your spa should have at least as many positions as there are members of your family. You may not always relax all at the same time,but the situation is sure to occur sometime. In these exceptional moments, you will understand the effect relaxation has on your family's well-being. Even if you enjoy your bath as a couple, you will appreciate the space and the various massages available in each specific position in the spa.

Families will benefit from as many as five to nine USSPA | privat models. They have five and more positions and are therefore ideal for "traditional" families of four. Moreover, ColumbaiN, TaurusiN and OrioniN include an elevated seat, which may be suitably used as a cooling spot or to seat small children.

Not only having a family, but also a rich social life calls for a larger spa model. You will get to like your spa meetings.

Spa for your home

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To select the right spa or swim spa requires some evaluation. Order our catalogues, where you will find all needed information about the new companion for your whole life.

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