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Filter and ozoniser

Pressure vessel of the cartridge filter. An important item of equipment of Happy Spa is a top-notch pressure filtration system complete with an ozoniser, which has a marked effect on the maintenance-freedom and reduces the consumption of chemical products.


The pleasant atmosphere of a night bath will be intensified by the integrated lighting with two colour filters. A colour multifunctional Rainbow Light may be purchased as an extra.

Control panel

The massage pump and lighting may be easily switched on and off on the control panel with an electric display. It is also used for all the other settings such as bath temperature and filtration cycle.

TurboBoost system

The water and air massage systems are interconnected into a unique Turbo-Boost Central system, which allows you to continuously increase massage intensity by mixing pressurised air into the water system.

Water jets

Happy Spa models are fitted with massage jet assemblies so that in combination they can massage the entire body. Happy Spa models come with 6 types of water jets generating a direct, rotary or pulsating water flow.


The air jets

are distributed across the bottom of the bucket seats and lounger. The air massage is applied to the skin, intensifying the sense of floating.

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