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Built-iNtechnologies and control systems

iNtellismart® electropack

The heart of the whole spa is its control unit. In case of USSPA | profi, it is the iNtellismart® electropack fitted with control system ISM®, developed by USSPA upon many years of experience with installations and services of commercial spas. Among the outstanding functions there is also the option of spa control from the technological area or from the wellness reception through PC application (for this function it is necessary to connect the spa to local LAN network), programmable massage sequences, programmable filtration operation, and many more.

Massage pumps

The massage system is driven by reliable high performance
pumps developed specifically for the use in spas complying
with the European standards for such technologies.

Commercial air blower

Air therapy is provided by three-phase commercial air
blower which is constructed for 24-hour operation.

The equalising tank with safety overflow, automatic level monitoring and water filling

The supplied equalising tank is available in pre-defined shape which can be extended if required. Of course, supplies of custom made equalising tanks in size and shape defined by specific requirements of technological rooms are available. Each tank is thermally insulated and fitted with a lid for easy access and cleaning of the tank. Monitoring of the operating water level connected to automatic water filling is part of the equalising tank supply.

Filtration pump

The filtration pump is the basic part of the functional filtration system. It is always adjusted to the specific demands resulting from required amount of filtered water in time and type of filter used.

Sand filter

Since it is necessary to filter significantly high water volumes in short time, the commercial spas USSPA | profi are fitted with sand filters. Their size differs in particular according to the amount of filtered water. The sand filling can differ identically.


Electrical flow heater with titanium spirals was developed for water heating in spas and swimming pools. It provides continual water heating to the required temperature and it is sufficiently efficient to maintain required water temperature in spa for the whole day even in exterior. Heater can be also supplied with full-titanium body, it can be replaced or combined with exchanger in order to use various sources for water heating (central heating, gas, heat pump, etc.).

UV lamp

The main purpose of UV lamp is to help with disinfection while removing bacteria from water. At the same time, UV lamp provides degradation of chloramines - combined chlorine in water which is responsible for unpleasant odour of chlorine in public facilities. Solely correct and sufficiently efficient UV lamp in the filtration circuit ensures a pleasant experience from spa.

The automatic dosing of pH corrector and chlorine based on redox potential with direct measuring of chlorine level by means of PPM

In order to ensure absolute water soundness in commercial spa it is necessary to install automatic dosing of pH and disinfection. Automatic dosing systems supplied for USSPA | profi products originate from experienced leading companies in the field. Correct automatic operation requires regular calibration of the sensors.


Flowmeter is used for continual measuring of water flow in the filtration system.

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