Swimming pools with counter-current

Built-intechnologies and control systems

iNtellismart® Electropack

The technical heart of each swim spa is the electropack. We have developed our own USSPA iNtellismart® electropack, which introduces utterly new perception of the swim spa control and use.USSPA iNtellismart® is exceptional due to two intelligent management systems ISM® and ICM® with many unique functions.

ISM® - Intelligent System Management

Variable control methods:

  1. iNcontrol piezo buttons – uniquecontrols placed directly on the swim spaby means of illuminated piezo buttons, combined with the unique iNvision® display.
  2. USSPA SmartApp mobile application – USSPA | swim spas are the first to be controlled as standard by mobile application (available for iOS, Google Play). The application communicates via Bluetooth and internet.
  3. web application – if you connect spa to internet it is possible tocontrol it from anywhere in the world This function is another unique standard equipment of new USSPA | swim.
  4. integration in the home control systems – in compliance with the actual trends the USSPA swim spas are ready to be integrated into the smart home control systems

ICM® - intelligent Cleaning Management

The second management system of USSPA iNtellismart® electropack is fitted with custom made automatic system for permanent maintenance of clean water in the swim spa. The filtration operation and ozonisation are automatically adjusted depending on the swim spa size and in particular to the intensity of its use. The lowest possible energy consumption of the process is also considered.It includes a completely unique function, which is present solely in USSPA swim spas.

Effectivefiltration system maintains water in swim spa clean. Cartridge from the special unwoven textile catches even the finest mechanical contamination. For any swim spa it is significantly better solution than any sand filtration.

All models are equipped with ozonator with the injector and destructor for maximum efficiency of the ozone use. Ozone destroys the microorganisms and significantly simplifies the water treatment, reduces the consumption of chemicals in spa water, it does not leave any secondary products in water, it does not irritate eyes, nose, and it does not dry skin.


The new electropack is the only one on the market to identify the starting defects of electrical components of the technology.The system enables the swim spa operation even in case of a defective component.

The production and service protocols generated by the swim spa itself

A technician can read the service protocol from the electropack with the description of the actual swim spa conditions, which speeds up and specifies the consequent service intervention.

Monitoring the lifetime of the components

Swim spa will inform you on timely replacement of parts with the ending lifetime; it applies to selected parts.

The option of sending the service log directly the manufacturer

USSPA swim spa can send a servicing log directly to the manufacturer upon a request (if it is connected to internet). Based on the log it is possible to minimize the servicing costs.

Electrical heater

Reliable heater developed specially for spa water heating with titanium coils for long lifetime and stable heating power.If required electrical heater can be replaced with the heat exchanger or combined with it. It is possible to use the heater blocking via external signal, swim spa can then heat water solely during e.g. low tariff (depending on local possibilities) without the limits to the counter-current or massage.

Counter-current and massage pumps

Highly efficient, silent, and utterly reliable pumps have been specifically developed for the operation in swim spas considering the full discharge performance. The applied pumps fulfil the highest nowadays standards for this component type in the industry, are perfectly fitted on silent blocks eliminating the vibration transmission.

Energy save mode

Just enter the date and time of the next spa use and it performs all steps itself to minimize the energy consumption of spa operation, and then provides water treatment in respect of the required temperature and cleanness for the requested date and time.


FreezeProtection protects the system from freezing and from other severe weather conditions. This feature provides safety and a long lifetime of swim spa.

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