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Luxury for your clients

Six comfortable seats and unique therapeutic opportunities. Unmatched comprehensive body massage using sophisticated water and air jet configurations. Three pairs of different bucket seats differing in shape and equipment. Water and air jets focusing on important body parts. Master will turn your establishment into a place your customers will be happy to return to.
A thermal insulating cover is a standard part of the spa equipment.

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ComfortClub Spa

Hydro therapy

Hydrotherapy in our spas intended for commercial operations. All models are equipped with both air and water massage. Models in this line comply with the valid legal regulations applicable to public operations.

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ComfortClub Spa - HYDROtherapy


Technologies tailored to your operation. The sophisticated functions and very ingenious systems turn our spas into a highly safe, clean and pleasant relaxation spot. All the technologies are serviceable during the entire spa life, which lasts for decades. Rely on us.

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The standard equipment of our spas is unusually broad. It contains absolutely everything you may need to use and operate our spas all year long. We also supply a number of interesting and attractive accessories to make your relaxation even more delightful.

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Technical parameters of Master

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ComfortClub Spa
Model specification
Shell size 231 × 231 × 94 cm
Frame size 231 × 231 × 111 cm
Water volume 2 100 l
Dry weight 370 kg
Filled weight 2 470 kg
MassiveShell Construction / color range yes / 11+
Adjustable installation frame yes
Total seating 6
Seats 6
Inflow - integrated overflow channels yes
Number of outfalls 6
Total number of jets 108
Water jets 96
Air Jets 12
TurboBoost system central
Boost Control regulation 2
Hydroterapeutic sets
ShiatsuComplex 2
FanComplex 2
HamamComplex 2
USSPA iNtellismart® electropack yes
ISM® control system yes
Control keypad on electropack yes
Control via PC application (connection to local LAN needed) yes
Selfdiagnostic with optional protocol yes
Control of lifetime of selected components yes
iNcontrol piezo buttons 4
Pump 1 / single speed 1,5 kW + 5 HP
Pump 2 / single speed 1,5 kW + 5 HP
Commercial air blower yes*
Sand filtration yes*
Equalising tank yes*
Automatic water level sensor yes*
Automatic water refilling yes*
UV lamp yes*
Automatic chemistry dosing yes*
Flowmeter yes*
Heater 9 kW Titanium Coil*
Light yes
Other standard equipment
Handrail 1 / stainless
Pillows / color 6 / grey Corian®
Cover / color range yes / 8+
Bottom outlet / sand filtration discharge yes

*This equipment is available only on selected markets. Ask your local dealer for more information.

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