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thermal cover lifts

The water in your swim spa needs to be protected. Against mechanical impurities, thermal losses but also humidity. The thermal cover is provided as part of the standard swim spa equipment and is an indispensable tool. It will come in handy wherever you do not use your whirlpool or pool. It markedly contributes to improving the energy efficiency of the swim spa operation.

For easier handling, the thermal cover comes with smart tools - thermal cover lifts. Just choose the one that best fits your needs.


thermal cover lifts

an exceptionallyresilient cabinet

The next to maintenance-free cabinet made of solid wood is far from being just an attractive component of your swim spa. It is characterised by a long service life and it is exceptional. It is made of solid wood treated as Thermowood. In addition to its aesthetic properties, Thermowood serves other practical purposes. This environmentally friendly wood finish will markedly improve its resilience. It makes it less absorptive and resistant to parasites and weather conditions. Typically, it is dark, yet gets lighter as a result of UV radiation.


cabinet swim spa

ultimate style and comfort

We know your hidden desires. Therefore, we come up with accessories to multiply your enjoyment of the swim spa. Do you want the water to be backlit in various colours? Soothing music? There is nothing we can't do for you.

Technical accessories

Technical accessories

Simple water maintenance

We think of water and its cleanness while designing our spas. Therefore, each of our spas is equipped with a sophisticated technology which helps reduce the consumption of chemical cleaning agents and facilitates water treatment. It goes without saying that that along with our spa you will get an easy-to-follow manual that will give you the basic information.

Water treatment products and mechanical vacuum cleaners will be available to you in all USSPA showrooms and in our e-shop.

water treatment

Simple water maintenance

The end of stress nad problems

Aromatherapy has been known for hundreds of years. Succumb to the proven and beneficial effects of scents multiplied by a stay in a hot bath. Say goodbye to anxiety, stress, sleeplessness and exhaustion. Help your breathing and digestion. Pamper your body and soul.

Aromatherapy additives may be added to the water in your swim spa.

The complete range of aromatherapy products including the testing sets are available in our e-shop.



something more

How about going even a little further? A soft terry robe, an elegant bathing towel or even practical unbreakable glasses - all of them are little niceties that will multiply your sense of comfort while using your spa and put a finishing touch to your relaxation. Nice necessities that you simply must have.

practical accessories


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