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Automatic thermal cover ACS®

A convertible roof for your spa! World-unique innovation, which will make the process of uncovering and covering your swim spa and Combi SpaiN both more pleasant and even attractive. Everything is done with a single push of a button. As the cover automatically runs into a shaft, you do not have to look for a place to keep it. The patented ACS® automatic lifting mechanism moreover enables you to use new surface materials on the thermal cover – ranging from attractive textiles up to coated sheet with the colour as required by the customer.

The automatic thermal cover will turn your swim spa into a technological and design treasure. Its movement is controlled with a single push of a button. The thermal cover retains all its properties, from insulating to protective. It will make sure the water in your swim spa is warm and clean. And what's more it is safe. It can support the weight of a child, thus eliminating the risks usual for open pools. Experience absolute comfort protected by an international patent.

Available only for: swim spa and Combi SpaiN models.


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Mechanical thermal cover

Facilitates handling of the swim spa thermal cover. Thanks to the patented mechanism, you will be able to manage the opening and closing of the thermal cover with only one hand. It may be easily fitted into an already installed and used swim spa. The special structure represents a revolutionary spa cover concept. The thermal cover is a single-piece element split into two parts. This connection allows simple manoeuvrability of the thermal cover. The frames made of light alloy sections ensure low mass and the thermal insulating materials minimise heat loss. The lifting mechanism of the sophisticated structure includes power elements. As a result, it guarantees physically undemanding use of the thermal cover. The thermal cover is available in eight colour designs of artificial leather as well as in appealing Linea fabric combinations.

Available only for: swim spa and Combi Spa models

Mechanical thermal cover

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