Automatic cover lifter ACS®

revolutionary innovation

The automatic thermal cover is a revolutionary innovation both in practical and designer terms. Thanks to the ACS®, the swim spa may be uncovered and covered with a mere push of a button; moreover it enables to use new surface materials on the thermal cover – ranging from attractive textiles up to coated sheet with the colour as required by the customer.

The innovation collects success…

It is appreciated by both our customers and professionals. Yet another ACS® success was recorded at the Brno construction fair, where the product was awarded the Gold Medal. Another award came from Germany, in the form of the prestigious Golden Wave 2013 prize, which the professional Schwimmbad & Sauna magazine awards every two years to the best new products in the total of eight categories. The unique ACS® automatic thermal cover for swim spa emerged victorious in the Roofing and Covers category.

AUTOMATIC thermocover

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